Self Portrait_Wet Plate Collidion Tintype.jpg

Born and raised in Seattle, WA, I have always felt affection for both natural surroundings and the hidden landscapes of the city.  In the past these subjects have been the twin foci for my work. However more recently my interest has shifted to more personal matters of family, sickness, and memory.

Photography for me is closely intertwined with memory.  However, when making an image I am not trying to memorialize the present. I am hoping to discover and convey the history of the subject, from as far in the past as possible until the moment of the final print.

My favorite methods include 19th century alternative photographic processes, silver gelatin darkroom printing, and more recently combinations of drawing and printmaking with photographs. Depending on the project my processes are all alike in that they involve my hands. 

Currently I live in Brookline, MA and teach at the Art Institute of Boston.